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Questions and answers about the Holiday BonusCard

What advantages does the Holiday Bonus Card have?
With every purchase or use of services with the partner companies you will immediately receive your benefits like discounts, gifts or premiums.
• 3000 partners benefit: you can use it with your Holiday Bonuscard with currently about 3000 partners benefit your Bonus Card. And there are ever more!
• 5 countries: You can use your Holiday Bonus Card currently in 5 countries (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium) and enjoy benefits. And there are ever more!
• endless variety: With your Holiday Bonuscard you can use a wide variety of benefit partners! In everyday life and on holiday, no matter when and where! In the 6 benefit categories is always something there.

How do I get a Holiday Bonuscard?
You can order online your Bonus Card right here. Furthermore, there are connected partners in which the Bonus Card can be purchased.

The acquisition of the cards are subject to a fee of 34.90 euros.
In addition, the Holiday Bonus Card by tour operators in which they are recorded are handed out. Separate marketing campaigns, in which the Bonus Card is offered to other conditions, take place regularly.

How is the BonusCard looks like?
The Holiday Bonus Card can depend on the organizer or connected partners, essential device for ensuring the advantage of the Holiday BonusCard logo, and / or the logo EBA (European Bonus Alliance) which must be visible on the Bonus Card! You can find both logos at the bottom of this page!

How do I find Holiday Bonuscard Benefit Partners?
The benefit partners you can find on this website ( by searching your desired region or the required location out. Travel agency customers often get relevant documents that have been handed out or sent with your Bonus Card where benefit partners are listed.
In addition, all partner companies have applied a label to the Holiday Bonuscard logo and / or EBA logo on their business.

You can find the logos at the end of this page!

How do I use my Holiday Bonuscard?
You need to show your Holiday Bonuscard before the purchase of goods or use of services and the benefit from this partner is for you. For group tickets from organizers, you have the booking confirmation with all participants with you and show so the whole group can enjoy these benefits. Subsequent complaints regarding the benefits are no longer accepted.

How long is my Bonuscard valid?
The Bonus Card is valid 1 year from the date of earning! Separate validity periods must be seen clearly on the Bonus Card, but this is only the case with special test or marketing campaigns!

What can I do, if I lose my Bonus Card?
If you lose the card, you get a free replacement, but scored twice in a calendar year. Sign us the loss and receive instant a new one .In this case please contact: Absolute Active Travel, Kitzbüheler Str 4, A-6365 Kirchberg in Tirol by mail or by calling 0043 (0) 5357 35292

How can I become Holiday Bonuscard Benefit Partner?
If you have your own buisness and offer products or services and are willing to give BonusCard customers an advantage, you can be Holiday Bonuscard benefit partner. Just contact us with our contact form or phone and after an agreement our sales representative come over for an informal talk.

What about privacy?
The whole Holiday Bonuscard program meets the requirements of data protection legislation. From the Holiday Bonus Card data cannot identify which customer has purchased what items. For more information see the data privacy statement.

Whom do I contact for further questions?
Should you have any further questions, please call directly to Holiday Bonus Card
• by post: Absolute Active Travel, Kitzbüheler Str 13, A-6365 Kirchberg in Tirol.
• By phone: 0043 (0) 5357 35292 0
• our e-mail address:

Or easiest right here through our contact form!

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