Holiday Bonus

General Terms and Conditions Act

1.Membership Holiday Bonuscard Benefit Program
1.1 The Holiday Bonuscard Benefit Program operated by Absolute Active Travel & Resorts, Kitzbüheler Str. 13, 6365 Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria. There is a loyalty program for companies that offer their services in tourist destinations. By participating in the Holiday Bonuscard Benefit program, persons who have entered into a loyalty card contract with Absolute Active, or have booked services via tailed tour operator, or who have purchased the Bonus Card via linked partners (collectively the participants), the possibility of direct benefits to benefit and you lift the purchase of goods and services reductions, gifts, percentages and other benefits for clients without this Bonus Card to avail. Absolute Active leads for its partner companies through marketing measures and inform the participants where appropriate through their respective products and services.
1.2 To participate in the Holiday Bonus Card program, the following terms and conditions apply. The participant agrees with the written application for the Holiday Bonus Card, with registration on the Internet or the first active operation in the program, eg. As the use of the benefits or bonuses etc., these conditions.

2. Acquisition and validity
2.1 The Holiday Bonus Card will be issued to order via the Internet or through affiliated partners. The acquisition of the cards are subject to a fee of 34.90 euros. In addition, the Holiday Bonus Card by tour operators in which they are recorded are handed out. Separate marketing campaigns in which the Bonus Card is offered to other terms are reserved to us.
2.2 The Holiday Bonus Card can depend on the organizer or vendor in appearance be different, essential device for ensuring the advantage of the Holiday Bonus Card logo, and / or the logo EBA (European Bonus Alliance) which must be visible on the Bonus Card! You can find both logos at the end of these Terms and Conditions.

3. use of the benefits
3.1 The agreed with the Holiday Bonuscard Benefit partners benefits will be received and redeemed only on presentation of the appropriate card.
3.2 Agreed advantage you can of this site ( remove or similar documents that were handed out or sent with your Bonus Card.
3.3 The card is based individuals and non-transferable. In respect of the map through tour operators can per booking a Bonus Card will be handed out, which are cited in connection with the reservation confirmation to all participants, exactly be valid for this.
3.4 The benefits are only guaranteed once the cardholders when shopping. Later complaints are excluded.

4. Loss of the card
The Holiday Bonus Card is proof of eligibility as Holiday Bonus Card participants. If you lose the card of the participants but only twice obtained after loss report free replacement, at most, in the calendar year. A loss is reported to: Absolute Active Travel, Kitzbüheler Str 13, A-6365 Kirchberg in Tirol, or by email at

5. Abuse / liability
5.1 The misuse of the Bonus Card will be prosecuted. If there is reasonable suspicion of misuse or manipulation of the Bonus Card to the detriment of Holiday Bonus Card or its partner companies to Absolute Active reserves, without notice to exclude the owner and the map of the participation and possibly to let prosecute and demand compensation.
5.2 Liability of Absolute Active and participating partner companies for slight negligence, in particular to damage of the card holder or a third party, arising from the use of the Holiday Bonus Card and / or abuse is excluded.

6. Customer Information
SüdBest inform participants regularly about offers and partner companies, in which participants collect bonus points or receive benefits (program communication).

7. Termination program participation
7.1 A cancellation by the participant is not necessary. The cardholder can stop using the Bonus Card at any time.
7.2 Absolute Active can the participant notice if he violates the conditions of participation or abused the advantage possibility. Absolute Active is an extraordinary termination right for the case that the program will be stopped.

8. Amendment of General Rules
Absolute Active will inform the participants on a change in the general conditions of participation in writing. The amendment shall be deemed approved if the participant is not the Holiday Bonus Card contract announced in writing within 6 weeks. The amended version of the General Rules is then part of another contract relationship. Absolute Active will alert the subscriber upon notification of the change to these consequences especially. The deadline is met if the notice has been sent within 6 weeks after notification.

9. Data protection
The personal data relating to participation in particular the Federal Data Protection Act and the Telemedia Act is collected, processed and used in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. More details on this topic can be found under the menu item "Privacy"....

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