Holiday Bonus

Order I get my Holiday Bonuscard!

You can order online your BonusCard right here. The price per BonusCard is EUR 34.90 and is valid for 1 year to the full extent! In this case, you will receive your exclusive BonusCard in credit card format.

Please fill out the following form and send it off! If you order more cards, please fill in the comments box the other people. You get your Bonus Card within days mailed.

NEW: The Holiday Bonus Card on your phone or tablet!
For more mobility, you can now download your personal Holiday Bonuscard to any desired device. Just above the link in the mail that you follow will get in and go!
And for optimal use of best equal to the page call to the desired device, the Holiday BonusCard WebApp,add on the Home screen of your mobile device. Latest technology, the site is ideally equipped for mobile devices, and you have all the partners in your area, or where you also want the same at a glance on your device, and more ...!
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I authorize the debit from my credit card
I want to pay the Holiday BonusCard via bank transfer
I accept the data protection regulations